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Spiders With Propellor Hats On Their Butts? Yeah, Heli-Awesome Has Them

Excuse the e-drool, but we’re quickly falling in love with the concepts behind Namco Bandai’s forthcoming Doodle Jump-ish vertical-scrolling platformer, Heli-Awesome. In addition to rocking a fascinatingly beautiful title, the game can boast the following features: spiders with helicopter hats, worms with helicopter hats, a colorful hand drawn-looking world, big and vibrant balls, and even floating pigs.

It’s like Namco Bandai broke into our skulls (or something), pillaged them, and then spit out our feverish video game ideas / dreams into a single title. Thanks, guys!

If you’re interested in hearing some spectacularly light specifics, I can satisfy those interests. Namco has told us that the game will launch this Thursday, July 27, with several levels to play in, as well as variety to characters to control. It’ll also be able to boast both Game Center and Open Feint support for all your service-based needs. Yep. That’s all we know at the moment.

But, obviously, we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one as it releases this Thursday. You’ll be able to grab it at $.99, which seems like a steal for a game that has spiders that wear helicopter helmets on their butts. I mean, really. What a great idea.