‘Angry Birds HD’ Gets A Price Cut

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Considering the numbers Rovio Mobile throws out when talking about the penetration of Angry Birds, it’s hard to imagine that there’s more than a dozen or so people walking the planet who haven’t purchased the physics-based puzzle title. But just in case you missed out on the HD version specifically, it’s now much cheaper than what it was. As of yesterday, the $4.99 title is $1.99, which is around a healthy three dollars worth of savings.

Angry Birds HD is, essentially, the iPhone version but bigger. Go figure, right? Yet, it does come off as a richer experience due to the enhanced screen real estate of the iPad. I, like many others, have drained a billion hours into this specific version, so I’ll vouch for its quality. And as a value proposition at this price point, it’s sorta a no-brainer. If you like smashing stuff with birds, get it. If you don’t, well, you can complain in the comments– Extra points for mentioning Crush the Castle.

In other Angry Birds news (we’re so topical), Rovio’s Web shop is having a “Deal of the Day" on the black bird plushies. For a limited time, you can grab one for $12.99. Also, according to a recent Rovio tweet, the store has new international shipping prices. Packages to the US and UK are only $5, while Europe is $7. Sadly, no Angry Bird plushies ship with a dog as cute as this one. Swoon!

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