TouchArcade at GDC 2011 Next Week in San Francisco!

Earlier this month we somewhat predictably announced we will be at GDC 2011 in San Francisco. Since then, we’ve been receiving a monsoon of meeting requests which has made my usual disaster of an inbox into… something far less manageable. I’m fairly caught up with existing meeting requests, and our schedule is getting pretty packed. However, since we’re bringing the entire TouchArcade crew to San Francisco, I still have tons of availability to cram even more meetings in.

For the sake of simplicity, and avoiding the lag in between emails, if you’d like to book a meeting with us please send me an IM via AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is ioburn [Status: ]. If you don’t have an AIM account, signing up is easy and only takes a second. Alternatively, AIM even connected to Facebook and Google Talk, if you would rather use that. Of course you can also email at [email protected], it just won’t be anywhere near as fast. (Be sure to put “GDC 2011" somewhere in the subject for email filters.)

Don’t forget our party that we’re having on Wednesday night either! We’ll be at Bin 55 which is the bar in the hotel lobby of the Marriott near Moscone. If you track down someone from TouchArcade, we’ll be giving out fancy little tyvek TouchArcade bracelets which will allow you to gain access to free beer and drinks from 8:00 PM until last call, which I think is sometime around 11:00 PM!

I can’t wait to see everyone there! This GDC is working up to be even more crazy than the last.