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EA Releases Official ‘Dead Space’ Gameplay Video

Last month we had a hands-on preview of the upcoming iOS version of Dead Space from EA Mobile. Since then, anticipation for the title has been growing in our forums, and EA stoked this fire even more by releasing a set of iPad screenshots a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, at the EA event where I had a chance to play Dead Space, video of the game was not allowed. This is really one of the most graphically impressive titles that I’ve seen on iOS, and static screenshots just do not do it justice (though they look pretty fantastic anyway).

Today, EA has finally unveiled the first official video of Dead Space for iOS. In it you can really get a good idea of just how creepy the atmosphere is in the game, as well as how horrific the enemies are that you’ll be facing. Note that just like the console version, the game screen in the iOS version is practically devoid of any HUD elements, allowing you to see more of the game and feel further immersed in the action.

The story for Dead Space on iOS will bridge the gap between the original Dead Space and the upcoming Dead Space 2 on consoles. EA has officially stated that Dead Space for iOS would hit the App Store the same date as Dead Space 2 on consoles, January 25th. This latest video has gotten me even more excited for the release, and after experiencing just how well the game translates to the touch screen I really can’t wait to get my hands on it again. We’ll bring you any additional information should EA decide to drop any, otherwise be on the lookout for Dead Space to land in the App Store next week.