‘Rogue Planet’ Finally Gets Online Multiplayer

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From the “better late than never" department of the TouchArcade command center comes news of an update which just hit the App Store mere moments ago for Gameloft’s Rogue Planet [$4.99 / Free]. Rewinding all the way back to WWDC last year when we first got a peek at the game before it even got picked up by Gameloft, Aurelien Kebeci, CEO of the French development group Agharta Studio mentioned online multiplayer coming in a free update.

When Rogue Planet was finally released, we thought it was great in our review, providing a surprisingly deep (and great looking) turn-based strategy experience, although we were disappointed by the lack of multiplayer options. Today’s update implements complete online multiplayer, and much like similar games, can support up to 32 concurrent games at once.

The update just went live, so there doesn’t seem to be anyone around to play with yet, but we’ve really got to commend both Gameloft and Agharta Studio for sticking to their promise of providing online multiplayer. If you caught our original review and were waiting for the multiplayer update, or have since removed the game from your device, now is the time to either download the game or resync it to give online play a try.

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