‘Dizzypad HD’ for iPad is Now Available – Free

After being in review for over two weeks, Dizzypad HD [Free] is now available for your iPad. We gave the iPhone version of Dizzypad [$1.99] 4 stars back when it was released, and are enjoying the all new experiences the ‘HD’ version brings already. Even if you already own the iPhone version, you are going to want to still pick up the iPad version, especially since it is free.

In Dizzypad HD, the goal is to get your frog as far as you can by jumping on spinning lily pads. You tap the screen once your frog is facing the correct direction to reach the next lily pad, if you miss, you lose a life. There are also bonuses to gain extra lives by skipping a lily pad and jumping for the next furthest one, or jumping into a dragonfly and eating it. And that is just classic mode.

In addition to the free classic mode, there are 3 brand new modes to purchase via DLC at $1.99 each that are all new experiences in their own:

Sliders: A fun twist on the classic mode. Test your timing with pads that slide back and forth instead of rotating in place!
Memory: Be a froggy matchmaker and test your memory by picking frog pairs. Guaranteed to sharpen your wits!
Battle: Duke it out on the pond with a friend in this 2 player mode! Try your best to gobble each other up until your frog grows the largest.

I’ve had the most fun playing the two player mode ‘Battle’. Where you play against a friend, jumping around the map on lily pads trying to eat your opponent, and first player to get to 3 wins. There can be some intense competition with this mode that you should try out if your looking for an iPad game with local multiplayer on the same screen.

The Plus+ Online service is also included so you can unlock awards, and compete on the online leaderboards in Classic, Sliders, and Memory modes against everyone. With each award you unlock by completing different tasks in the game, you also are given a new frog skin to choose from to play with. You have a total of 30 skins in all to use in the game after you finish the specific achievements.

Dizzypad HD offers a great new experience over the iPhone version that you should definitely check out and see for yourself. Here is a video of the iPad version:

App Store Link: Dizzypad HD, Free