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Gamevil’s Upcoming ‘Soccer Superstars’ – Sports RPG Fans, Clear Your Schedules

Gamevil, creators of the Zenonia and Baseball Superstars series are bringing another RPG of sorts to the App Store. Much like the Baseball Superstars games, it sounds like Soccer Superstars is going to offer a very similar sports RPG experience wrapped in a soccer game, according to what Gamevil has revealed so far.

Soccer Superstars is said to come with multiple game modes, ranging from single exhibition games to full seasons. However, the meat of the Superstars games, at least in my opinion, comes from the “My League" mode. If you’re the kind of person who can get hopelessly sucked in to games where you’re improving stats and watching bars fill, you will lose entire afternoons to playing series of games to improve your customized teams and players.

As you make your way through entire seasons of games with your team, you’ll be able to train your stats, buy items, and (at least in Baseball Superstars) do ridiculous things like send your players out to sign autographs or even go on dates as part of building the best team of players imaginable.

We will have a full preview of Soccer Superstars in the not too distant future, and Gamevil expects to see the game on the App Store sometime this month. In the meantime, this is as good of a time as any to check out Baseball Superstars 2010 [$4.99 / Free], we loved the game in our review, and with Gamevil dangling another Superstars carrot in front of my face, I’ve found myself once again sucked in to grinding up my super batters.