Retro Inspired Games: Bit Pilot and iJumpman

Bit Pilot

Bit Pilot is a retro-inspired dodging game that comes from Zach Gage, who also brought us the multi-touch puzzler Unify. Bit Pilot’s biggest flaw seems to be that it was released only a week after Tilt to Live and likely drowned out by the cheers for that game.

Bit Pilot, though, does stand on its own with fast paced gameplay, well implemented touch controls and a great 8-bit soundtrack. The game allows you to control a small ship in an asteroid field using single or dual swipes. Use one thumb for smaller movements, or both for more rapid movements. All the while, your job is to dodge the asteroids and lasers while picking up bonuses.

It’s one of those simple games in which death can happen very quickly, so you gotta try just one more time. The swipe/touch controls are very nicely done and responsive. A hands on video is also available.

App Store Link: Bit Pilot, $0.99


Part platformer, part tilt/rotation game, iJumpman actually started life as a PC/Mac game and remains available as a free download for those platforms. The iPhone version is said to have all the content of the PC/Mac version and even includes a level editor.

The game uses swipe controls on the iPhone for basic running/jumping movement and seems to work well. Levels tend to be small and quick, and often requires multiple attempts. If you die, you respawn immediately to try again. The rapid-fire trial/error nature of the game reminds me a bit of Gravball.

I’d recommend trying the nearly identical PC/Mac version before diving in.

App Store Link: iJumpman, $2.99