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Classic ‘Karate Champ’ for iPhone Coming Soon

Revolutionary Concepts sent us a new screenshot and a note saying they are working around the clock on their port of Data East’s arcade classic Karate Champ to the iPhone. The partial list of features include:

  • Dual Stick Control (no D-Pad or buttons).
  • Virtual arcade cabinet surround (no thumbs covering the action)
  • 1 Player vs CPU over 12 environments
  • 2 Player Mode via Bluetooth and WIFI
  • all the bonus rounds
  • all the classic 80’s sounds
  • Super large Character Option
  • Old school scanlines on/off

Karate Champ was a 1984 arcade game that was one of the first fighting games and was later ported to the Apple II and Commodore 64. They are hoping to get the iPhone version of the game out by April.