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Two Upcoming from Freeverse: ‘Parachute Ninja’ and ‘Zombie Cannon Carnage’

This weekend I had the chance to spend some time with Freeverse in their Brooklyn headquarters checking out a few of their imminent iPhone releases. The crew was kind enough to let me bring back a bit of demonstration video footage to give readers a feel for the action in these upcoming titles. Let’s take a look.

Parachute Ninja

Parachute Ninja is something like Doodle Jump, but with rubber-band platforms and parachutes thrown into the mix. Basically, in Story Mode, you’ve got to use a series of elastic platforms to sling this little, round ninja, from start to endpoint through 30 different levels, picking up stars and avoiding dangerous obstacles along the way. There’s also a Survival Mode which is an attempt to climb (or, be slung) as high as possible up a never ending scrolling wall of elastic platforms. To help with landings, a tap to the ninja activates a parachute that slows his descent, which can be guided by tilt.

Scores and achievements are globally tracked, thanks to Plus+ integration. Parachute Ninja is a great game that’s a whole lot of fun and should have big appeal to any fan of Doodle Jump. It is expected to make it’s worldwide debut tonight at a price of $1.99.

Zombie Cannon Carnage

Zombie Cannon Carnage, developed by h.grenade who brought us Circuit Strike One, is an inflict-most-damage-to-self type game that was somewhat inspired by the classic destruction game Burnout (though it reminds me much more of Ow My Balls!).

Basically, you control a little guy that you fire out of a cannon (which can be aimed by dragging) in hopes to do the most damage to him possible by way of impacting various city-skyline obstacles. You’ve got a jetpack with limited fuel that can be triggered to help keep you aloft (don’t fly too high or you’ll feel the sting of an air strike), and every so often you can self-destruct, just to mix things up a bit. For the squeamish, the level of blood and carnage can be dialed down from Buckets to Yes Please to No Thanks.

It’s is a simple game with a single mode of play, but maximizing the damage inflicted as your poor, little onscreen avatar soars through the mesh of obstacles definitely takes some skill.  Destruction fans should have fun with this one.

Zombie Cannon Carnage should be finalized in the next day or so and appear in the App Store within a few weeks.