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‘Zenonia 2’ Details Revealed

ZENONIA2_PosterGamevil’s action RPG Zenonia [$2.99 / Free] was among the first “full" RPG experiences on the iPhone, and is still a game that is thoroughly recommended amongst our community whenever a “What game should I get?" thread pops up on the forums. Its sequel is something which will no doubt be as highly anticipated as its initial release, and of this evening Gamevil gave us a few details on what to expect.

Zenonia 2 will have four distinctly different character classes: The paladin, shooter, magician, and warrior. Ranged attacks are also being implemented, allowing players to use various skills to attack from a distance. New difficulty modes are also being added, aside from the standard “normal" difficulty, “hard" and “hell" modes will allow hardcore players to access additional loot and a hidden boss stage only available in the higher difficulty modes. There are also new terrain effects thrown in to the mix such as water, snow, ice and others.


While this all sounds pretty cool, the feature I’m most looking forward to is the asynchronous online multiplayer, which sounds fairly similar to the online multiplayer functionality found in Baseball Superstars 2010 [$4.99]. According to Gamevil, players will be able to “download and compete against" your friends’ characters– Details are limited right now, but they’re shooting at a March release so we should have more information soon.