‘The Creeps’ Update Released With DLC Level Packs

IMG_0345Released in late 2008, The Creeps [App Store] is a classic tower defense game for the iPhone with a devoted group of fans who have stuck with the game and its various updates that were slowly released over 2009. With this latest update, it’s clear that developers Super Squawk Software aren’t giving up on the game anytime soon.

The recently released version 1.4 includes three map packs, purchasable via a 99¢ in-game transaction. Each DLC pack comes with six new levels, as well as new dinosaur-themed terrain and creeps. Two of the packs are fairly difficult and seem to be designed for veterans of The Creeps, the third variety pack is of “average" difficulty.


If you haven’t had The Creeps on your phone recently, it’s worth reinstalling to check out these new level packs, especially if you completed all the content in the previous updates. The new levels have definitely got me back in to the game, and judging from the response on our forums I’m not alone.

App Store Link: The Creeps!, 99¢