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Square Enix Announces Forthcoming ‘Sliding Heroes’

sliding heroes screen

Square Enix, the studio best known for their Final Fantasy series and who brought us Crystal Defenders and Vanguard Storm for the iPhone, has today announced a new forthcoming iPhone title, Sliding Heroes.

Sliding Heroes is a real-time strategy game where you control units by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch and making them slide across the screen. Your units are of classic fantasy classes, like warriors, clerics, and mages. The dangers that they face aren’t only fearsome monsters (of which there are plenty!), but a great number of insidious traps and obstacles that bar the way to each map’s goal! The gameplay is simple, but you’ll need to use your wits and dexterous hands to lead your troops to victory!

The studio has just setup a Facebook page for the game that’s presently rather sparse of information, but we’ll keep an eye on it and make sure readers stay in the loop.