‘Rise of Atlantis’ and ‘Adubble’ – Two Great Puzzle Games

The number of Match-3 games in the App Store can make it really hard to stand out. In fact, these two Match-3 games have already been in the App Store for a couple of months, but both now come with lite versions. If you enjoy Match-3’s, give these a try.

Rise of Atlantis

Like another Match-3 we recommended, the goal of Rise of Atlantis is not actually to Match 3. Instead, your are constantly trying to move specific pieces off the bottom of the screen. These can be the artifacts you need to collect or power-ups that will help you. Either way, the only way to get these pieces to fall off the bottom of the screen is to create matches.

It reminded me of Gemmed in it’s goal directed matching. The game was originally a Flash game but there is also a Lite version to try. The main criticism of the iPhone version would be the relatively small size of the tiles.

Video of the game in action:

Rise of Atlantis, $2.99, Rise of Atlantis Lite, Free


Instead of the traditional swapping of tiles, in Adubble you are moving entire rows and columns Rubic’s style. The rows and columns wrap and so by performing combinations of moves, you can get your pieces to the proper place. There have been other Match 3’s like this, but Adubble stands out in its more puzzle-like nature. Each level has a specific goal and specific obstacles that must be overcome. Obstacles include immovable blocks, bombs, lasers, and more. These add a lot of variety over the endless humdrum of most Match-3’s.

Video of the game in action:

App Store Link: Adubble, $0.99, Adubble Lite, Free

We recommend both Rise of Atlantis and Adubble, and the Lites are certainly worth trying.