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E3: A Look at Gamevil’s Next iPhone Game: ‘Hybrid Eternal Whisper”

hybridGamevil sat down with TouchArcade today to show us the next iPhone game they are working on for a September release. Hybrid Eternal Whisper is another port of a popular Korean game by the same name.

Gamevil describes Hybrid as a stylish action game where the fighting and special moves take precedence over the RPG storytelling elements found in Zenonia. After their experience with the popular Zenonia game, Gamevil is taking additional steps in adapting Hybrid’s interface system to be iPhone native by eliminating the original joystick control interfaces. In this early build, however, they warned that many interface elements were still in transition and the language remained in Korean.

The game is structured around 150 levels where you must fight off a number of combatants on each level. Backgrounds and environments differ across levels and different skills and actions are both learned and earned over the game. The game does carry over some RPG elements including equipment purchases and earning abilities. There are various control combinations and swipe controls that invoke different attacks. Mastering these controls may become essential in progressing through the battles. While no official gameplay estimate has been provide, it seems like this could easily provide many hours of gameplay.

Hybrid Eternal Whisper is said to have been very popular in Korea selling as many copies as Zenonia did. As a result, we’re very hopeful to see the final release of this game, and we’ll keep you updated over time.