Retro Reduction: ‘Frogger’ and ‘Pole Position: Remix’ On Sale

Retro gaming fans should have a look at two ’80s arcade classics that are currently on sale in the App Store.

  • Frogger from Konami ($5.99 -> $.99)

    frogger screenOne of Konami’s first App Store releases, Frogger [App Store] for the iPhone is available for more than 80% off August 20th (today) through the 22nd.

    The game is an adaptation of the studio’s 1981 arcade original featuring updated graphics, an updated soundtrack, and a choice of touchscreen or accelerometer controls–or both combined.

    Like the 28-year-old original, the goal of the game is to direct five frogs, one by one, from the starting point at the bottom of the screen to their homes at the top before the timer runs out.  It’s a treaturous journey.  The lower half of the screen consists of a busy roadway with five lanes of speeding traffic.  The upper half contains a rushing river filled with logs, turtles, alligators and other such hazards.  The challenge is getting the frog home safely without getting flattened, drowned (this was always puzzling…), or eaten.  It sounds simple, but can be rather frustrating challenging.

    We took a look at this one back in August.

    App Store Link: Frogger, $.99 (limited time)

  • Pole Position: Remix from Namco ($5.99 -> $2.99)

    pole_position screenPole Position: Remix [App Store], Namco’s iPhone adaptation of their classic 1982 arcade racer, is available for a limited time at 50% off.

    As the title suggests, Pole Position: Remix is a (somewhat) modern adaptation of Namco’s 27-year-old classic arcade racer.  Retro gaming nuts will appreciate the fact that, although the title brings a graphical overhaul, the gameplay remains rather faithful to the original.

    The game offers three methods of control: tilt (accelerometer-based), slider (swipe right and left), and steering wheel mode (radially control a steering wheel, capable of flick-spin, with your finger).  A semi-translucent, on-screen pedal controls either braking or acceleration, depending on settings.

    We had a look at this one back in September.

    App Store Link: Pole Position: Remix, $2.99 (limited time), Pole Postition: Remix Lite, Free