‘iFPS Online’ – Yep, It’s Free Too

558405_2There must have been a memo sent out to developers this week. While we try not to post about every random game that goes on sale, this week we’ve seen a number of notable games drop to free including Saucelifter, TowerMadness, Dropship and Mevo & The Grooveriders. iFPS Online joins the list of temporarily free games that is worth a download.

iFPS Online was the first online deathmatch game for the iPhone released back in April. The game was a bit rough with less than ideal controls, and limited play areas. It has seen a couple of updates since it was originally released, but is one of the few games that offers online deathmatch play — and as a first person shooter no less. The game has dropped to free for a limited time.

Here’s the developer’s original gameplay video:

The game allows you to host and join multiplayer deathmatches and also provides a single player mode.

App Store Link: iFPS Online, Free