Freebie Friday Extends to ‘Saucelifter’ and ‘TowerMadness’

It seems like the cool thing to do this week is to drop the prices of your games, or even put them up for free. Here are two more games that just went free today that we enjoyed in the past that are worth downloading.

Saucelifter – A retro styled game with vector graphics and simple tilt controls. In Saucelifter you fly from side to side blasting open prisons to save your captured alien buddies. It’s not that easy though, you have to deal with the Earth defense forces that include tanks, turrets, and even flying attack drones. Since its initial release, the game was updated to include even more content, weapons, graphics, and sound.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

TowerMadness: 3D Tower Defense – A 3D tower defense game with various camera angles, and towers with loads of available upgrades. Towers are placed on an open field and the game comes loaded with 16 different enemy types that all have various strengths and weaknesses. The touch controls of the game work well, and the 3D engine allows for some unique camera views which are neat to play with.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

So what are you waiting for? They’re free!

Note: These games both recently had their prices adjusted to free, so if you don’t see the price changes yet, you may have to wait a bit to the changes to propagate to your country’s App Store.

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