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Simon Oliver Shows Off ‘Rolando 2’

rolando2Ngmoco has posted a new gameplay video from the upcoming Rolando 2. The walkthrough is narrated by Simon Oliver of Hand Circus, the independent developer behind the Rolando series.

We finally met Simon and had some hands on time with Rolando 2 at WWDC.

The game’s control mechanics are identical to those in the original Rolando, but in addition to the new “2.5D" display mechanic, much has been added to the game. The Rolandos take on various new abilities this time around, such as eating chili peppers and inflating like a balloon, floating about under accelerometer control, as well as climbing walls with the aid of a gripping set of spikes. Bombs growing on vines can be tapped loose and rolled into place to shatter obstacles. Vehicles have been added to the mix, as well — in a certain level we played, the Rolando had to hop into a mine cart in order to traverse part of the level.

The new video shows of the first level and some of the puzzle elements found in the new game.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The game is due this summer.