Glu’s ‘Cops and Robbers’ Leaps into the App Store

41Glu Mobile’s (foot) racing / acrobatic game Cops and Robbers [App Store], has gone live in the App Store.

Cops and Robbers involves running through a series of city levels that have a Crash Bandicoot feel and involve parkour-like moves, while collecting diamonds to pay the landlord.

Features listed by the developer:

  • Run and rob your way through a beautiful city filled with back alleys, high rise rooftops, and other dangerous environments
  • Complete 9 unique levels, each with 3 challenges: Grab all the loot, Steal the diamond, Evade the cops before time runs out!
  • Find the most direct path to escape the cops by pulling off well-timed acrobatic running moves
  • After you beat each level play as the policeman and try to catch the ghost of your former criminal self.
  • Change the appearance of the playable male and female robbers.
  • Steal the diamond by cracking the safe in a lock-picking mini-game.

We spent some time with the game at GDC 2009 and found it to be a rather solid looking title and were impressed by its unique role-switching ghost mechanic (mentioned above).

See our video of a development build of the game in action. (Due to the loud ambient noise, we simply muted the audio. The game, of course, has appropriate sound effects.)

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

We’ll post a closer look at Cops and Robbers, shortly.  Stay tuned.

App Store Link: Cops and Robbers, $2.99