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New Screens of Glu Mobile’s Upcoming ‘Cops and Robbers’

At GDC 2009 we spent some time with Glu Mobile previewing a number of upcoming titles.  One of them was the Cops and Robbers, a (foot) racing / acrobatic game in which you and your roommate are strapped for cash and can’t pay the rent.  The solution?  Turning to a life of crime.


The game involves running through a series of city levels that have a Crash Bandicoot feel and involve parkour-like moves while collecting diamonds to pay the landlord.

The game features a very interesting twist on the “ghost" re-play mechanic.  Once you’ve completed a level as one of the robbers, you can then replay it as a cop chasing your robber ghost. So you must best your previous time in order to “catch" yourself.  After that, you’re back to a robber being chased your cop ghost.  A very clever mechanic that ensures replayability.

Glu just sent us a series of screenshots that illustrate what the game is all about.

See our video of the game in action.  (Due to the loud ambient noise, we simply muted the audio. The final game, of course, has appropriate sound effects.)

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Cops and Robbers is set to debut in the App Store in early May.  Stay tuned for a closer look when the game goes live.