‘3-D Vector Ball’ Update Greatly Enhances Gameplay

Gyrocade has released a major update to its 3D take on Pong, 3-D Vector Ball [App Store].  The version 3.0 update addresses various issues that many players have been complaining about and truly does add dramatically to the game’s playability.

3-D vector ball screen

New in this release:

  • Improved, gradual learning curve (starts off slow and build speed, every three rounds the paddle shrinks)
  • Larger deflector paddle
  • Perspective correction (corner shots are easier to volley)
  • Smoother framerate
  • New sound effects
  • Enemy paddle has its own distinct color to improve visibility.

Just 15 seconds with the game is enough to feel the major improvement in playability.  At just $0.99, 3-D Vector Ball v3.0 comes highly recommended.

We took a look at the first version of 3-D Vector Ball back in July (with vid).

App Store Link: 3-D Vector Ball, $0.99