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One-Kill-Only Free ‘Vector Tank’ on the Way

That’s right–singular, not plural.

Chillingo just sent us word that they will soon be releasing a “lite" version of Vector Tanks [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Vector Tank is a free version in deathmatch mode–one kill and it’s game over.  This should help gamers who are on the fence decide if they want to make the paid app plunge.

Vector Tanks feels like Battlezone 2.0.  It’s a first-person 3D tank shooter with a vector-based battlefield display akin to the classic we know so well, but it features certain modern touches that give the game a fresh, new feel while not sullying the core retro gameplay.  The notable enhancements include semi-translucent vectors that glow with a warmth reminiscent of arcade CRTs of old, a smooth inertial “sway” to the motion of the tank, and a convincing jolt resulting from the shockwave of near-proximity explosions.  It all fits together nicely.

We reviewed Vector Tanks earlier this month and found it to be great fun and one of the best retro titles available in the App Store.