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Blue Attack! Coming January 23rd

Although we know very little about this game, when the developer of Blue Defense! [App Store] previews a new game called Blue Attack!, it gets our attention.

For those who missed it, Blue Defense! is a wonderfully effective shooter for the iPhone that makes excellent use of the accelerometer. We looked at the game in November, and at only $0.99 it was a highly recommended for any fans of the genre.

Blue Attack! seems to put you on the offensive.

Blue Attack places you on the front lines of the intergalactic war between the Red and Blue forces. Use the scraps picked up from your enemies’ wrecked hulls to turn your squadron into an unstoppable army!

Protect your carrier, upgrade your wingmen, and cut a path clean through to your target: the Red home planet!

This preview video was posted by the developer with a release date of January 23rd.

Features listed by the developer include:

  • Fully customizable ships, from speed to weapon capabilities
  • Clean, oldschool graphical style
  • Global high scores
  • Music and sound effects
  • Save state ensures that you can quit and come back to your game at any time