The Creeps! Gets Sound Effects, New Levels

Super Squawk Software’s tower defense game The Creeps! [App Store] has already received a major update. We originally looked at the game a couple of weeks ago when it was first introduced.

The game is a fun Tower Defense game with a few nice twists. For example, many of the best map locations are occupied by physical objects (trees, gravestones). Like the Creeps themselves, these objects can also be destroyed by targeting your firepower against them. This, however, takes time and resources away from fighting the actual enemies, so compromises have to be made. As levels progress, new towers are introduced and at least one requires the use of the accelerometer to deploy.

The 1.1 update now offers sound effects as well as 3 new distinct levels (in both regular and unlimited versions). Other additions include:

  • 2 Unique Mega Bosses
  • Challenge adjustments (especially to endless levels!)
  • Boomerang splash damage now shows the impact on everything it hits
  • Some levels start with towers placed for you that you can’t build yourself
  • Short tutorials for super towers (UFO, Spider, Oil, Whirlwind)
  • Added bonus for not selling anything in unlimited maps
  • Boomerang splash damage does more damage
  • Improved battery usage

For existing owners, unfortunately, the update will reset your current level progress and high score data. The developer explains why this is the case:

Basically, so much has changed that your old scores just don’t apply anymore, and for endless mode you would never have been able to beat your old scores. Plus there were some technical issues with the save file format change that would have made it difficult. I’ll try to avoid wiping your scores in the future!

App Store Link: The Creeps! (Price to go up to $4.99 with this update, but if you are quick you may be able to still get it at $1.99)