Huge iPod Touch Sales Over Christmas?

As MacRumors suggests, it appears that Apple’s high-end iPod, the iPod touch, may have experienced a large gain in marketshare this holiday season.

One indication of a significant increase in the number of iPod touch units now in circulation was found by examining the web browser marketshare data generated by Net Application’s Hitslink website for the iPod touch.  The real-time marketshare tracker shows a massive spike on Christmas day with greatly elevated levels in the days since.  And while there’s a mild increase in the marketshare data for the iPhone, it’s clear that the more-easily-gifted iPod touch was the huge seller during the holidays.

As readers are likely aware, Apple has been pushing the iPod touch as more of a game console than simply their high-end music player.  Recent increases in App Store sales could indicate that, indeed, users are doing more than just playing music and watching videos with their new devices.