Video Roundup: KamiCrazy, Slingshot, I Love Katamari

Each week hundreds of new games are released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. While we play a large number of those games, we tend to focus our reviews on major releases, notable genres release, or just games we particularly liked. Of course, even after those, we get a number of submissions for other interesting games that are still worth a mention. Here are a handful of them (with videos) from last week:

Kamicrazy [App Store, $3.99] is a Lemmings-like game in which you must save a set quota of KamiCrazy soldiers by directing them towards safety. Like Lemmings the soldiers just keep on going, so you have to act fast. We really wanted to like this game, as the production value is quite high, but the controls were a bit frustrating (poorly responsive). Fortunately, a Lite version is available [App Store, Free] to try it out.

Slingshot [App Store, $2.99] is a trajectory game that may appeal to fans of Cannon Challenge. You are placed within striking distance of you enemy but must fire around planets using their gravitational pull to slingshot your torpedos at the proper angle:

I Love Katamari was a surprise release last week that we previously discussed, but no iPhone gameplay video had been available at the time. Venturebeat provided this gameplay video to show how it plays on the iPhone: