Games Arrive at the iTunes App Store

Early this morning, Apple released iTunes 7.7 which adds support for the iPhone 3G, firmware 2.0, the iTunes App Store, and MobileMe.  Several hours later, games and various other applications began appearing in the iTunes App Store [iTunes link].  These apps are available for purchased and downloaded right now, though the iPhone 2.0 firmware update needed to run them has not been officially released by Apple.  However, examination of Apple’s XML data revealed an active download link to the firmware image itself (for iPhone, not iPod touch), which can be manually installed throught iTunes 7.7.

The iTunes App Store features over 500 applications at launch, about a quarter of which are games.  We’re happy to see that some of the titles we’ve been most anxious for are in place and ready for download.

  • Bomberman Touch – The Legend of Mystic Bomb [App Store] :: The story of ‘The Legend of Mystic Bomb’: Get a hidden treasure in the ruins!  It is said that deep inside the jungle lies a heretical ruins called KA-BOOM TEMPLE, where a legendary tresure is hidden somewhere…  Many adventurers have tried, but none succeeded to even come home alive.  It is here that you willl see another daredevil who will take on this challenge, at the risk of his own life, to face KA-BOOM TEMPLE…  He is, Bomberman.
  • Aqua Forest Powered by OctaveEngine Casual [App Store] :: Catch water drops falling from the tree leaves without spilling, guide a water drop through a maze, or bounce rubber off barriers that you draw. Play with water in one of 3 fun ways! Select an editing function of OctaveEngine Casual (choose from options like wind, heat or cold), tilt the handset in any direction to activate the accelerative sensor, or draw shapes on the touch panel with your finger.
  • Super Monkey Ball [App Store] :: Let’s roll!  Guide a cute little monkey encased in a transparent ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through a variety of slopes and turnes.  You must navigate a large variety of obstacle courses to reach goal lines within set time limits.  Collect as many bananas as you can along the way and you’ll be able to increase your remaining lives.  Play through five worlds and 110 stages, designed tio be fun for both first-time players and long-time Super Monkey Ball fans.  Enjoy rich 3D graphics with an easy-to-master control system that utilizes the accelerometer inside your device.  Insanely fun and addicting!
  • Cro-Mag Rally [App Store] :: Cro-Mag Rally is the wildest racing 3D game since man invented the wheel!  You are a speed-hungry caveman named Brog who races through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages in primitive vehicles such as the Geode Cruiser, Bone Buggy, Logmobile, Trojan Horse, and many others.  Brog has at his disposal an arsenal of primitive weaponry ranging from Bone Bombs to Chinese Bottle Rockets and Heat Seeking Homing Pigeons.
  • Moto Racer [App Store] :: Grab your bike and hit the road with Wingnuts Moto Racer.  Race through checkpoints, weave through traffic, fed off dangerous biker gangs and hit some sweet jumps along the way.  Racing from Miami Beach to the Andean mountains and around the globe. Moto Racer is a rockin’ arcade experience that will explode your mind!!

We will bring more in-depth coverage as iPhone 2.0 officially arrives.  Stay tuned.