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Eli as been obsessed with mobile gaming his entire life. Originally starting with Tiger Electronics handhelds, graduating to the original Game Boy, and upgrading to nearly every handheld platform leading up to modern day portables.

The TouchArcade Show - 173 Side A - We Got Phones

September 19th, 2014 11:15 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Podcast

LogoThe original plan for this podcast was to talk about our day playing iOS games on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus... Then the reality of just how long it takes to set up a new iPhone hit. Late in the day, and with nothing really left to talk about that we didn't already post in first impressions pieces, we record a quick podcast on our experience in line and similar. Once we have more time to spend over the weekend gaming on the new devices, we'll record the second side of this podcast... I just wanted to have something in the feed so people weren't wondering what happened.

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This week we're dropping the "s" from the title as we only reviewed one really great game this week. But, this was a week filled with iPhone news, a major iOS release, new phones, and all the junk that comes with that so you can't really blame us with being a little preoccupied with stuff other than game reviews. Hopefully next week returns to normal, and we see more than a half dozen games get released. Fingers crossed, anyway...

Gaming on the iPhone 6 Plus: First Impressions

When Jared got his hands on the iPhone 6 Plus after the keynote, the games installed on it were fairly limited, leaving much up to the imagination on how high-end games would run on the device. I've spent some time playing a few recent games on it, and overall I'm pretty impressed. Most of what makes the iPhone 6 Plus awesome to game on is its increased size, as the performance and graphical fidelity improvement feels a lot like previous iPhone iterations- Stuff seems to run and look a little better, but, it's not like there's any massive night and day difference. The iPhone 5S still is a killer piece of kit, and until developers start building things for the iPhone's A8 processor and the 6/6 Plus screen sizes, I'm not sure there will be too many jaw-dropping demos...

iPhone 6 Plus First Impressions: Wow, This Thing is Huge

Somewhere in between the keynote and the madness that was pre-ordering online last Friday, Jared and I decided what made the most sense was for TouchArcade to at minimum have one of each type of iPhone. With games like Galcon 2 doing different things with the iPhone 6 Plus, it'd be weird if we didn't have a way to test those games out, take screenshots, and things like that, right? Well, I volunteered to get the iPhone 6 Plus, or I've taken to calling, it, the iPhone XXL and... It's big. I mean, real big...

iPhone 6 Launch Day is Here

September 19th, 2014 8:00 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News

Well, today is the day of the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) launch. If you're not already in line for one or have a tracking numbers that's out for delivery, it's probably going to be a while before you get your hands on one. Like most iPhone launches, supply seems to be tight- Particularly when it comes to the iPhone 6 Plus. Jared and I will be spending our mornings picking up our reserved iPhones from local Apple stores which hopefully results in a quick and painless process… But, we'll see...

The Javascript API WebGL has been around since early 2011, but like most really cool web browser advancements, it has taken some time to get rolled out to being implemented in actual browsers. The idea behind WebGL is that it allows clever web developers to actually render GPU accelerated 3D graphics inside of your browser without any kind of plug-in. I believe Google Chrome has been supporting WebGL the longest, but, if you updated to iOS 8 yesterday you've now got a browser on your phone capable of the same fancy stuff...

Following the announcement of Metal at WWDC, we've sort of been daydreaming about the amazing console-style games we'd see on the App Store with developers in iOS 8 soon being able to access the raw power of iOS devices. It didn't help that Apple straight up boasted about console engines being able to run on the iPhone either. Well, fast forward to the release day of iOS 8 and Metal-supported games slowly drizzling out of the pipeline to see the cruel reality: Metal-enabled free to play island builders...

Roll the clocks back to WWDC, and we were all stoked to hear about Apple's new feature called "Metal." In a supreme nutshell, what this is is the new ability for iOS developers to get much more direct access to the hardware of your phone, thus allowing for much better performance in games. Gameloft's Asphalt 8 already got updated with Metal support, but if you want to see the demo from the keynote in your own hands, download the free Zen Garden [Free] from the App Store...

Free iOS 8 Update Now Available

Free iOS 8 Update Now Available

September 17th, 2014 1:05 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Featured, News

Apple just flipped the switch (I actually imagine them pulling a huge lever) to release iOS 8 worldwide. If you've got a device that supports it, which amounts to anything more recent than the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, 5th gen iPod touch or iPad mini, you can download the update right now either through iTunes or by loading up Settings -> General -> Software Update...

PSA: Fantastic Password Manager App '1Password' is Free

September 17th, 2014 12:55 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
Free Buy Now

It seems like a week can hardly go by without there being something in the news about either large scale password leak, a targeted hack, or something in between. The point is, the best defense against things like this is being proactive with using different passwords everywhere. The easiest way to do that is with a password manager, and the best password manager I've ever used is 1Password [Free] which just dropped to free...

Check Out Over 30 Minutes of Gameplay of Upcoming Cross Platform MMORPG 'Albion Online'

I've had my eye on Albion Online since it first got posted to our forums in early 2013 for two reasons: I totally dig the art style, and it's making a bunch of promises on being the first true cross-platform MMORPG with aspirations beyond being some kind of watered down Facebook game. As someone who still plays World of Warcraft for some reason, the idea of being able to scratch my MMO itch laying in bed on my iPad is pretty compelling...

New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: 'The Maze Runner', 'Tactics Maiden', 'Robot Rundown' and More

Well, it's a weird week for iOS game releases. Most of the developers I talk to avoid releasing new games on the App Store around the time of major iOS releases and new hardware. If history has shown us anything, it's that the apps/games featured around this time are from the few developers lucky enough play some inside baseball with Apple when it comes to developing for the latest iPhone and iOS iteration...

As mentioned last week, preordering the new iPhone was pretty insane. It seemed obvious something crazy was happening, as historically ordering your new phone through the app had been pretty painless in the past. Not so this time, the app was beyond slammed, and judging by Twitter alone, I wasn't the only one who was up until 4:00 AM desperately trying to get their preorder to go through...

Rumors have been swirling over the weekend that Microsoft was buying Mojang for $2 billion dollars, with the purchase price largely speculated from Notch's 2012 tweet where he said "my price is two billion dollars." Well, this was all confirmed by Mojang this morning, and the motivation behind the sale seems fairly reasonable...

041614_largerThis week's episode is all about the new iPhone. Jared went to the keynote on Tuesday and got some serious hands on time with the iPhone, iPhone 6, and the Apple Watch. We talk about things we like, things we don't, things we're stoked for, and more. If you're on the fence between the different models or even the Apple Watch, give this episode a listen and maybe that'll help.

Don't forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read 'em all, even if they don't make it into the podcast. As always, you can listen to us with the links below... And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!


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