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DeNA to Acquire Ngmoco for $400 Million

October 12th, 2010 3:59 AM EST by arn in News

The New York Times confirms rumors that started last week that iPhone game company ngmoco was on the verge of acquisition. Japanese company DeNA will indeed be acquiring iOS game developer ngmoco: DeNA, the Japanese social gaming giant, said Tuesday that it would acquire Ngmoco, a Silicon Valley iPhone game developer, for $400 million — one of the largest deals ever involving an iPhone application developer and another sign that the iPhone is fast becoming the hottest gaming device on the market...

Retro-inspired Fumes Stunt Racer arrived in the App Store this evening. The Stunt Car Racer inspired title just appeared for $1.99...

We're not sure what has possessed the publishers of dozens of amazing iPhone games to decide that tonight was the night to hold a massive sale -- but it's happened. And you can benefit from it. ..

The atmospheric zombie shooter Aftermath went free for today only. We reviewed the game back in March and really loved the creepy mood the game offers. The mood of the game really is perfect. The lighting effects, 3d engine and sound come together to give Aftermath a great feel. Your character is controlled by two thumb pads, but not in the traditional dual-stick format. Left is movement while the right one lets you turn left/right. Meanwhile, firing at zombies is automatic when you point at them with your flashlight. While this may sound awkward, it works quite well and makes the game feel a bit more realistic and frantic as you must be facing your opponents to fire at them...

'Army of Darkness' iPhone Game Coming - Hail to the King, Baby

Buried in the Buganoids announcement email from Backflip Studios was this tiny little tidbit: A game developed by us in tandem with MGM Studios based on the cult classic ARMY OF DARKNESS movie will launch early in 2011 . . . deadites beware!..

Backflip Studios has released their latest free game to the App Store. The release of Buganoids follows their other summer launches including Tunnel Shoot, Graffiti Ball, and Ninjump. We profiled Backflip Studios' success in the App Store back at WWDC. As of this writing, they report that their games have seen over 48 million downloads with up to 2 million unique players playing each day. ..

If the Sims is your thing, EA has just launched the latest Sims sequel onto the App Store. Sims 3 Ambitions offers a number of long requested new Sim-capabilities to the App Store game. The latest version actually lets you build your own house or business as well as have babies. ..

Japanese gaming company CAVE seems to be on a roll with the App Store. After the release of excellent Espgaluda II and Dodonpachi Resurrection games, CAVE has announced their first original title for the iPhone and iPod touch...

Gameloft's 'Real Golf 2011' Swings Into App Store

September 9th, 2010 4:28 AM EST by arn in $6.99, iPhone games, Sports
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Gameloft's impressive looking Real Golf 2011 made its appearance on the App Store tonight. ..

So, Namco's Ms. Pac-Man is one of the first games to support Apple's new Game Center leaderboard system. As you can see from the screenshots, the game supports leaderboards and achievements through Apple's new social gaming network:..

Imangi Studios' Harbor Master HD has seen a number of additions since its original iPad launch in April. The base game includes a single map and can be downloaded for free, but they've since added four new maps for $0.99 each as in-app purchases. The map above is called the Bermuda Triangle and includes pirates, monsters and cyclones to make your line-drawing life a bit more difficult. ..

AppShopper Launches Free Universal App

September 7th, 2010 4:55 AM EST by arn in Free, News
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Our sister site AppShopper finally launched a native iPhone and iPad app that offers the same App tracking functionality as the full website. ..

Bas Tossings' Loopy Laboratory has gone free for the day. The game was originally released in October 2008 -- nearly 2 years ago. I really enjoyed the game at the time: One iTunes reviewer has described this as a remake of Chip's Challenge/Tile World which it does seem to resemble though the developer says he was inspired by a number of older puzzle games which came together for this project...