For the past couple of years, developers all over the world have been releasing really great-looking free to play action RPGs and it's kind of gotten to the point that they're all blending together to me. It's not surprising as the genre is absolutely massive in the Eastern markets, and all of these games typically have very strong mechanics and a near infinite amount of things to do, sucking up months and even years from millions of players. Still though, how many more fantasy-based free to play ARPGs do we need in the world? Well at least one more, I guess, as developer Awesome PIG has just soft-launched their upcoming Maze: Shadow of Light in select territories. Helping the game stand out from the pack is the beautiful cartoony art style and killer animations, as you can see in this trailer.

One of the other cool features of Maze is the "tag action" system which lets you swap between your normal hero character and the special guardian that accompanies them in order to pull off cool double-team combos. I still feel like any normal person could only reasonably have enough time in their lives to invest into ONE of these free to play ARPGs, but if you currently don't have one filling a void in your life then Maze looks really promising. It's currently in soft launch on Android in Malaysia and the Philippines on the Google Play Store. An iOS version should be soft-launching in the same territories but as of yet has not appeared in the App Store. So if you're on Android and want to take it for an early spin knock yourself out, and we'll otherwise keep our eye on Maze: Shadow of Light as its development continues.

  • James Lumpkin

    does it has energy system?

    • Paul Kohler

      What do you think? do you even need to ask that....ftp without an energy system....hmm...does that even exist?

      • PoRO_0

        Sdorica -sunset-
        The game is free to play and no energy system

      • WildBastion

        FF Dissidia: OO is also stamina/energy free. Its not bad, but gets stale after a long time, unless you like turn-based combat a lot.

  • Ezna

    Yaaaaay another free-to-play, let's buy gems/gold/diamonds/shadowllars/fuel/powerups

    • Ron

      Hey, what the heck else are you going to do between the autoplay sessions?

  • brantov

    killer art can’t do anything vs. killer free-to-play system.

  • WildBastion

    I REALLY, honestly, miss Colopl Rune Story.
    Was sort of a Diablo lite, with adorable and varied characters, a cute story, and just sorta wholesome simple gameplay. It is so sad that it was mismanaged or something and closed down. =< I played it for so long and had all my favorite characters, It was one of the few gacha games I actually got what I wanted in.

    RIP Fun. =<

    That said, maybe this could fill a little of that gap.