Back in December a super fun little arcade avoidance game launched called Man Vs. Missiles [Free] from developer Spiel Studios. The premise was simple. You're flying a plane, people are launching homing missiles at you for some reason, and since your plane isn't equipped with weapons you'll need to outrun and outmaneuver the missiles and eventually cause them to run right into each other and explode. It's like some really cool scene out of Top Gun. Best of all, Man Vs. Missiles only required the use of a single joystick for movement, so it made a perfect one-handed distraction when you had some free time to kill. If you aren't familiar with Man Vs. Missiles, check out the trailer to see what it's all about.

Man Vs. Missiles was well-recieved upon its release, and about a month after it came out, Spiel Studios released an update for the game which added in unique environments for each of the game's unlockable planes creating a lot more variety in the gameplay. Now Spiel is ready with another new update, and this one's a whopper. Today's update adds two brand new modes, a Survival mode which is self-explanatory and a Time Attack mode which gives you 60 seconds to score as much as possible. There are also 3 brand new planes to unlock, as well as the new Auto Flare power-up. Finally, a new left/right control option has been added and new multitouch support allows you to launch flares with a second touch, which MANY players have been requesting. So if you haven't check out Man Vs. Missiles yet, let this latest update be your excuse to finally give it a shot.

  • egranata

    This one reminds me of Tilt to Live. Remember that one? That was a fun game with a lot of fun humor.