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Atmospheric Mythical Adventure ‘The Mooseman’ Makes its Way from Steam to iOS and Android Next Week

Just over a year ago, developer Vladimir Beletsky released a haunting adventure game called The Mooseman on Steam to critical acclaim. The story revolved around a strange mythical character named The Mooseman who had a special gift that would allow him to see past the mortal world. He spent time traveling between three different layers of the universe: “the Lower world where ancient gods and spirits of the dead dwell; the Middle world of men and the Upper World of gods." The character is based on actual myths and legends of Russian lore, and coupled with a killer soundtrack from composer Mikhail Shvachko, The Mooseman is a truly atrmospheric experience. It almost feels like a distant cousin to the incredible Year Walk ($3.99) from Simogo. Check out the trailer.

Intrigued? Well then you’ll be happy to know that The Mooseman, after more than a year of being available on Steam, is now on its way to both iOS and Android on April 17th. Like I said previously, The Mooseman has been very well-received over on Steam, and it seems like a natural fit as a mobile game, too. I find it particularly interesting that it’s based on real-life urban legends, and that the developers actually worked closely with Russian museums to ensure that the aspects of the legends that they were hitting in the game were based on facts. It’s not a terribly long journey, clocking in at around two hours, but it seems like an incredibly interesting one, so I’m really looking forward to trying out The Mooseman when it hits next week. It’ll be free to download and try the first few levels with a one-time IAP of $2.99 to unlock the full game.