A while ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan announced an initiative to properly get into smartphone gaming. They established a new company called ForwardWorks. When it was announced, we knew of a few brands they would bring to mobile devices like Hot Shots Golf and Arc the Lad in addition to Wild Arms. Wild Arms originally launched on PS1 in 1996. The franchise features a blend of fantasy and a Western setting with strategy elements and great music. The mobile game will have a new story and we finally have a name for the game in addition to a release window.

Wild Arms Million Memories launches this year on iOS and Android devices in Japan. It is being published by ForwardWorks and developed by Wright Flyer Studios. It will have characters from the series in a new story. The original supervisor of the series, Akifumi Kaneko, is overseeing the development of the new game. To coincide with this release window announcement, they also posted a clip of the theme song for the game which is titled "Million Memories". You can sample it here. This song will have a full release next month.

It is great that we went from radio silence to some news for Wild Arms Million Memories but we still have no information on whether this will release outside Japan or not. For now, more details will be made available on the official website for the franchise and this game here. ForwardWorks is working to ensure it is a great experience on touch devices for fans and newcomers to the franchise.

Source: 4Gamer.net

  • QuarterSwede

    The original was an underrated JRPG; it’s one of my favorites. It used a great mix of top down town/world map views and 3D battles. As mentioned, the music was excellent. This new theme song is a bit much for the new game. Still interested but hopeful it isn’t front and center.

    • boydstr

      I never played this game on my PS because most RPG’s played turn-based later some games switched over to real-time battles that I liked so much more but I like to know are the fighting sequences played in turn-based or in real-time?

      • QuarterSwede

        It’s turned based.

  • http://woottwinds.tumblr.com WoottWinds

    Very interested to see how this and Arc the Lad turn out. Two of my favorite classic RPG series. Fingers-crossed, pleeeeease don't screw them up...