Since its original announcement in early 2016, we've been following along with the development of PvP battling game Exiles of Embermark from developer Gunslinger Studios with great interest. Whenever a game's development runs multiple years it's pretty inevitable that we see it at multiple GDCs, and Exiles of Embermark is no exception. This is now our third GDC in a row meeting up with Gunslinger to check out the progress on the game, and each year it continues to look even more polished and more promising. Would I like the dang game to release already? Heck yes! But I also can see their vision for Exiles and would never want them to rush the process. So, without further ado check out our latest lengthy look at Exiles of Embermark and look for a closed testing phase to start up sometime later this year with a tentative release window of early 2019.

  • GalDrogo

    See you at GDC 2019! Lol

  • Tychaeus

    2019....gooood looord...feel like ive been waiting for this game for a lifetime!