I love fighting games and I love puns, and if there's two things the upcoming Bearsus from Arf Game Studio is chock full of it's fighting and bear puns. First of all Bearsus itself is a portmanteau of bear and versus, but the puns run much deeper than that. It's extremely early in its development so they characterized the demo they put together for showcasing at GDC as "bearly" playable. Puns, puns, everywhere. Bearsus itself is a simplified fighting game inspired by the awesome Divekick, and features just two buttons: One to bounce and one to pounce. However, certain button combinations can create various types of attacks and the fighting system here is actually quite deep and tightly designed. There was only a single character type and background in this demo but much more is planned before the game's planned release in early 2019. Check it out in action in our hands-on demo below.

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  • DrlRage

    This kinda reminds me of Burrito Bison but bearly.

  • Stormourner

    I can't bearly wait for the game XD