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GDC 2018: Local Multiplayer Party Game ‘Out of the Loop’ for Mobile and Board Game-inspired ‘Sumer’ for Nintendo Switch

Developer Tasty Rook brought some manic local multiplayer fun to the App Store with Triple Agent (Free) in July of last year. The game had you passing around a single mobile device and answering questions to try and figure out which players worked for the Agency and which player was a double agent working for the evil V.I.R.U.S. orginization. It was a really fun game in practice, and now Tasty Rook is building on many of those same elements for their next mobile release called Out of the Loop. Here all but one player will be shown an object and then have to answer certain questions based on that object. The person who wasn’t shown the object is “out of the loop" and then must try their best to fake their way through answering the questions as if they did know what it is. It’s then a race to see who can figure out which person is out of the loop before that person is able to guess what object it is that everyone else was shown. Here’s some hands-on video of Out of the Loop.

Next up is a Nintendo Switch game in production from Studio Wumpus called Sumer. This one is very board game inspired, but aims to do stuff that wouldn’t actually be possible using a physical board game set. The “board" is actually a large ziggurat and each player must send out their workers to one of the rooms built into the structure. As the game progresses more and more rooms are added to the ziggurat and you’ll win the game by being able to deliver the most collected resources to the top tier of the ziggurat. It seems like the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch with its detachable Joy-Cons and local multiplayer capabilities. Check out the hands-on video of Sumer below. You can look for both Out of the Loop and Sumer to launch in the next couple of months.