It was way back at PAX Prime (now PAX West) in August of 2015 that we first caught a whiff of ChronoBlade, an upcoming hack 'n slash RPG from developer nWay, but in reality the game has been in development for even longer than that, since at least early 2013 when it first showed up on our forums. That's a long time! In the fall of 2016, ChronoBlade actually soft-launched in Canada with a worldwide release seemingly imminent. Except, that was more than a year ago now and no ChronoBlade! Well the wait is finally over my friends, as this week nWay announced that ChronoBlade will be launching on both iOS and Android next month and they've opened up a pre-registration campaign for the game.

If you hit up the official website for ChronoBlade, you can enter your email address to pre-register for the game, which will earn you a gem pack worth $5 when the game finally launches. Perhaps the delay between soft-launch and full release was because nWay had their hands full with a little game called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars [Free], which took the world by storm just about a year ago. Well, it turns out that was a good thing, as everything nWay learned about smooth synchronous PvP in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is being worked into ChronoBlade, which also has a heavy emphasis on competitive multiplayer. I'm VERY curious to see how it turned out after all this time, so head over to the pre-registration site and get ready for some ChronoBlade'ing when the game launches this March.