Perchang just released the first DLC for Warhammer Quest 2 [$4.99], entitled The Lord of Khorne. This new paid DLC will take players through a brand new region of Talabecland. East of Altdorf, Khorne's Chaos forces are laying siege to this land, and the player has to try and defeat his forces and stop his advance. This all takes place in a seven-part story campaign, with a new map, new environments, and of course, a bunch of new enemies to take on. The developers claim that this is a 30% increase in playable content over the base game.

The expansion also introduces three new classes for players to use. The Ogre is the class for players that like to smash through things, delivering deadly physical damage. The Wardancer can leap over enemies and chasms in the environment, and dual-wield weapons to get an edge on opponents. Meanwhile, for those that prefer using some white magic, the Warrior Priest offers some new spellcasting options for players that prefer a more thoughtful approach to the game. There's a whole host of new abilities, weapons, and items that the Lord of Khorne expansion introduces with its release.

Even if you don't pick up this DLC, the update comes with some new features. There's iPhone X support, so y'all don't have to worry about the notch on your device any more. Dungeon ambushes are in the main game as well, so dangerous encounters with all their risk and reward can appear suddenly. With the new content, Warhammer Quest 2 now has seven total Warrior classes, 20 campaign quests, and over 250 items in total.

How much will all this DLC run you? The Lord of Khorne runs $4.99, with each new Warrior costing $2.99 each. While these aren't cheap, considering that mobile games have to sell at such low prices, these DLC packs are a good way for fans to help support future development of the game, and consider that there's a premium for being a customer like this. However, if you haven't picked up Warhammer Quest 2 yet, then now's a good time, as the game is on sale through the end of the weekend for $2.99, down from $4.99.

  • Qaioud

    Sadly, I’ve barely used the £20 of IAP I bought when this was launched. So until fundamental mechanics are fixed / actually made interesting, I can’t see this being the best of additions.

    Another £14 all in, is it? For three new classes, when the devs have said they aim to make all classes equally bland?

    Ohhh Kay then.

    Time to fire up whq1.

  • Maelwolf

    Bought all the DLC, I, completing willing to support these devs simply based on my time with WQ1. I haven’t got to far into the Khorne region as I was getting beat down fairly regularly on the new save I tried it on and need to build my party up first. The return of ambushes is great, but ouch..... Love the new heroes, both the Wardancer and the Ogre add some mobility to mix. I wish we could see the return of Orcs and Goblins, but this is a solid addition to the game.

  • Hungry_goliath

    Hope this does well enough that they will then have the resources to bring the base game to AndrAnd