This year’s Indie Showdown has begun accepting submissions for games. If you aren’t aware, the Indie Showdown rewards select developers with cash prizes and a chance to showcase their work at GDC. The Indie Showdown also funds mobile games and recent winners include Broken Rules’ Old Man’s Journey [$4.99] and Untame’s Mushroom 11 [$4.99] from last year. Out of last year’s entrants, four have joined The Label. This year, The Label’s Indie Showdown Contest this year will offer cash prizes up to $12,500 for the grand prize. A few finalists from this year will also be able to showcase their work at San Francisco’s Game Developer’s Conference with a possible publishing deal in the future.

If you have a game that qualifies, you can submit it here. Basically games that are eligible must not have launched worldwide and must not have a publisher. This is an event to bring mobile talent to the world’s attention so the games will have to be playable on mobile platforms. If you do qualify, your submission will be judged on innovation, how it plays on mobile, how much fun it is, and of course how it looks, sounds, and technically competent it is.

The panel of judges for this year hasn’t been fully revealed but it includes Itay Keren from Untame, Dave Brevik who is a co-creator of Diablo, and The Label’s own Greg Essig. Outside of this, The Label is already set to publish The Legend of Bum-Bo from Edmund McMillen which is releasing in the future and Asher Vollmer’s (of THREES! [$2.99] fame) new project. It is going to be interesting seeing this year’s submissions and finalists because 2017 was not just a great year for gaming in general but one of the best years for mobile gaming in a long time. I’m still ploughing through my backlog from earlier in 2017 on iOS and haven’t even gotten to all the fantastic releases we saw in December.

The deadline for submissions is February 21st so you only have 3 weeks left.