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‘Magic Golf’ is a Mini-Golf-Style Game with a Full Level Editor, Coming Thursday and Up for Pre-Order Now

Dialing the clocks back to March of last year and Bike Baron ($1.99) developer Qwiboo was showing off their latest project to us during GDC 2017. It was a mini-golf style game that at that time was called The Long Trail, and besides bouncing the ball-like bunny around clever hazard-filled courses using a slingshotting mechanic, the big draw was that the game would include a full-featured level editor so players could create and share their own levels, similarly to that in their own Bike Baron. Fast forward 10+ months and one name change to Magic Golf later and the project is finally finished and ready for release this Thursday. Here’s a brand new trailer so you can see it in action.

As with many upcoming mobile games lately, Magic Golf is available for pre-order ahead of its release on Thursday. From an iOS 11 device you can click on this link to be taken to the App Store to go through the pre-ordering process. Then when the game is available you’ll get a push notification and it’ll automatically download to your device like magic. Magic Golf will be free to play with optional IAPs and opt-in video ads for its monetization, and based on Qwiboo’s previous work I’m confident it’ll be a fair experience. So hit up the above link for some pre-ordering action, or simply wait a couple of days and we’ll give you the head’s up when the nifty-looking Magic Golf hits the App Store on Thursday.