Sid Meier’s Civilization VI [Free (HD)] just popped up on the App Store for iPads bringing the full game rebuilt for touch to the iOS platform. The last few weeks have been crazy on iOS with ports of big games and one massive scam game (I apologize for that once again). Today, Aspyr Media has brought the full Civlization VI game to iPads. Civilization VI for iPad will run on iOS 11.1.2 or later and only be playable on iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or any of the iPad Pros. Those are some hefty requirements but given this is a modern Civilization game that has been ported fully and not a spinoff or mobile first game, the demands are reasonable. Watch the iPad launch trailer for it below:

The pricing for this port is quite surprising. Aspyr Media has released it for free and you can play up to 60 turns for free. It will require a one time unlock after that will cost $60. Yes that isn’t a typo. It will be interesting seeing the response to what has become the norm for AAA pricing in the PC and console industry on iOS. The good news about the pricing is, you can buy the unlock for 50% off up till January 4th. Civilization VI has touch controls and will not support controllers at this time. Aspyr Media is looking to bring the DLC and expansions in the future but have no timeline for any other content right now. They are also looking into Android and iPhone but for now it is iPad only. The one downside to the port is the multiplayer is LAN only and there is no cross platform multiplayer for the Steam version. You can check it out on the App Store right now for free. I hope they add online support in the future.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    In for $30! I like premium games, this is a good development. Does it have iCloud support?

  • Aaron C

    Same price as the Mac version... seems reasonable!

  • AlexBi



  • WaveLightGames

    Sounds great. The pay after 60 turns is probably very smart given the addictive nature of Civilization gameplay.

    • Milotorou

      Honestly if someone likes strategy games theres absolutely no hesitation here, Civilization is ampng the best of the genre !

      • korossyl

        Agreed 100%. Civ kinda defines "the best" for this genre.

  • Valbunny

    Omfg yay!!! Definitely a buy for me! I want this to happen on iOS. Several wonderful high quality games can be ported to iOS, but people aren't willing to pay $30 plus dollars for them. There is no reason 3rd party games that are on the switch (Skyrim) can not be ported to iOS. I really hope this game sells well, and this becomes a common occurance.

  • Styrixa

    I've got this on Steam, and don't have a newer iPad, so not for me. But I'm certainly glad they did it. And honestly, I like Civ Rev more than Civ VI, although both are great.

    Now, if this was a little trimmed down and on iPhone, boom, I'd buy it.

    • Milotorou

      Happy for you if you like Civ Rev, tbh i HATE it, I dont like strategy games when they get narrowed 😅

  • baconcow

    Will wait to see if the DLC actually comes to this. It is nice to see AAA games coming to the iPad. The $30 temporary price point seems reasonable, but I won't pay $60. This game is weaker than 4 and 5 and needs DLC to hopefully be better, just as Civ 5 did (and it improved greatly, with it).

  • Vid Icarus

    Absolutely worth $60 on any platform but I will gladly take that 50% discount lol
    Instadownload for sure

    • Milotorou

      Yeah same !

      What a steal ! That just made my month, couldnt be happier !

  • Milotorou

    I refrained of buying it on PC because i have V with all the expansions and DLC...

    But A FULL FLEDGED Civ on the go !?!

    Hell YES, instabuying this little baby ! Have 0 fears either, Aspyr are reliable !

  • Chris

    Wow....this game barely runs on my PC...I'm astonished. How long are AI turns on iPad?

  • Akesycu

    allow it on iphone please. Make it more zoomable or I dunno...

  • jeupsy

    Getting Premium games at premium prices is very fine with me and I'll probably chip-in.

    BUT ... in-app purchase means it won't work with family sharing. That is NOT a way to treat premium customers.

    • Milotorou

      I can understand that point, apple have to implement a way for family sharing to work for in apps like these.

      I think they did that because at this price people most likely wont buy without trying... A shame in a way, I wouldve just bought it, but we are not the common buyers

      • jeupsy

        What many developers do is to have a second version of the App in the store which is a regular purchase and doesn't require IAP. Just takes them a few minutes to do and the app supports family sharing while still having a demo version.

      • Milo

        Just saw this on Macrumors... you ever tried it ? ‘’There is a way to share IAPs. If you buy/get all the apps from the main parent account on its iPad, then on all the family member accounts, instead of directly downloading any app, go to family purchases and download the main’s apps, then log in as the main and restore IAPs on that non-main’s iPad, you can lastly log back into the non-main’s account on that iPad and play without losing the IAPs. I haven’t tried that on this game, but I’ve done this process on many games for my kids. It works fine for us for any game that supports restoring IAPs.’’

      • jeupsy

        Interesting thanks. Never tried but I am a bit skeptic about it really working and don’t find it completely practical I have to say (it definitely isn’t the way Apple designed it to work).

  • DanCJ

    £30 is 50% more than I’ve ever paid for any game on any platform, so I won’t be buying this, but I agree with jeupsy. If I was interested, the lack of family sharing would kill it for me.

    • Milotorou

      You never paid more than 15 on any platform ?

      Guess you never buy games on release then ?

      That current sale is the exact same one thats happening on Steam right now, so its not like theyre treating iPad users badly compared to PC players.

      • DanCJ

        I’ve never paid more than £20. (£30 is 50% more than £20, but £20 is 33% less than £30). That was for Left4Dead - and that is the only full(ish) price game I ever bought on release.

        I’ve got no problem with them charging the same for the iPad, but that price rules it out for me. I know from experience (Settlers 2 many years ago) that I’d probably play through it once and then never open it again.

      • Milotorou

        This is not the type of game you should buy to "go through it once", if thats how you play games Civilization might not be for you.

      • DanCJ

        I did thoroughly enjoy Civ 1 and 2 when I played them - but there are too many games and not enough time.

      • korossyl

        This may be a little off topic, but if you liked Civ 1 and 2 and stopped there, Civ Rev 2 might be perfect for you. I've played the main series games through Civ 4, and while each iteration is consistently phenomenal, they're also progressively more complex... perhaps to their detriment. Civ Rev, to me, feels very much like a sequel to Civ 1 -- a "Civ 1-2," as it were. While it feels pared down compared to, say, Civ 6, it feels like a really strong followup to the original, and very much in its vein. It's my favorite game of all time -- bar none. And, it's only $10 in the App Store, rather than $30/$60!

      • DanCJ

        Yeah. I had Civ Rev 1 on my iPhone and did enjoy it. The only thing that has put me off Civ Rev 2 is that from what I’ve read, it’s basically exactly the same game with an (admittedly very nice) upgrade to the graphics.

        I probably will get that at some point.

    • jeupsy

      I am actually very curious about how it will sell. I’d go for 30 euros but 60 would be above my limit. I wouldn’t be surprised if 30 because the regular price or if it is very regularly on sale at that price or lower.

  • marcmagn1

    Just realized that the game already includes keyboard shortcuts.
    Since it is a port from a desktop game, it helps to replicate the PC gaming on an Ipad pro with keyboard. Quite glad that this has not been overseen by the developers!

    • Milotorou

      Seriously I didnt even dare try my keyboard before it was mentionned in this review... Aspyr never ceases to amaze !

      • Eli Hodapp

        When I was playing this I looked in the options and was like, "Wow this is a pretty lazy port if they didn't even get rid of the key binds menu." Then I paired my keyboard just to see what would happen... O_O

      • Milotorou

        I think ive never seen a game on iOS support keyboard for amything else than typing.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Certainly nothing recent that I can think of, when iOS first added Bluetooth keyboard junk adding keyboard support was super in fashion but I think devs quickly figured out no one used it.

      • Duane Locsin

        I am often harping on about the requirement for MFI controller support, but this having keyboard support?

        I wonder if this is a sign of growing premium gaming on mobile...or is the rare one off kind of thing.

  • curtneedsaride

    I'd pay that amount to get an update from Aspyr for Fahrenheit, which must not have been 64-bit compatible, because it only works on my iPad with iOS 10 on it. So, for now, my iPhone is sad about not having Fahrenheit anymore. Wonder if it has anything to do with sales or licensing.

  • Sveakungen

    Works great on my iPad Pro 12.9! Looks fine, like PC-version running on low-mid.

  • HelperMonkey

    This is a statement game.
    Apple would do well to promote this.
    I hope it sells well.
    Respect to Aspyr.

  • Duane Locsin


    I was about to dismiss this game since it was 'Free', like I do all F2P/P4F/Freemium "games", however looked a little deeper knowing it's a well known PC game, but it looks to be a proper premium game with a one off 'Unlock' IAP purchase that is priced comparably to console and pc counterparts.

    Will check up more on the game before I make the plunge.

  • Lickzy

    Rats... I will not be able to pick this up as apparently it won’t run on an iPad mini 4... I wish they would make a mini 5 ☹️

  • Milo

    And I agree with your points, I dont think it was meant to compete with the latest entries either. I do see the way they envisionned it as a ''simple yet effective'' Civ that can be easily picked up in short bursts, looks like a winning formula, thing is, when I only have a few minutes i prefer to pop a little rpg or something, Civ is the type of game I like to lose myself in for hours, one more turn.... one more... again and again. I guess its just a '' to each their own'' type of thing, im glad we have both 🙂

  • Chuckbo

    Has anyone tried a multiplayer game on the LAN with an iPad and a Mac?