Update: The iOS release of Cuphead that we posted about earlier this morning turned out to be the most sophisticated scam app we've seen yet. It's fully functional, which sets a new bar for the sort of scams we've come to see on the App Store. For more information, take a look at our updated story on what happened. If you haven't yet, follow this guide to get a refund.

Links have been removed. Original story is below:

The fantastic Cuphead from Studio MDHR just had a surprise launch on the App Store. If you thought last week wasn’t enough, it looks like the App Store is showing no signs of slowing down with fantastic indie releases and ports. We already had FEZ, Life is Strange, and Gorogoa release last week This week begins with the lovely Cuphead that launched on PC and Xbox One platforms head to iOS. Watch the launch trailer below:

Cuphead is a game that has seen multiple showcases at Microsoft conferences. The art has always appealed to me and they nailed the music to go with the old school cartoon visuals. It was a joy to play on Xbox One and I’m already downloading it on iOS. Cuphead begins another week of hopefully big surprises on the App Store. I’m a big fan of the music and how they’ve been showcasing the recording of the music. Watch a performance below:

Cuphead is available on Xbox One and PC platforms in addition to the newly launched iOS version. You can buy it right now on the App Store for just $4.99.

  • 7ape

    This is amazing but the release seems unfinished and glitchy on my ipad 2017. weird orange bars on the top and the bottom of the opening cinematic, items on the world map very very pixelated, I'm sure it'll get fixed, but seems badly optimised. Still... YAY!

  • Atomos

    Any comment if this has MFI controller support?

  • John

    It isn't the game? I just picked it up... Dangit...

    • 7ape

      it is the game, or at least the beginning of the game it 'work's it's just a bit off... People saying it's a counterfeit.

      • https://twitter.com/crithitters Critical Hitters

        It looks like the real game on the surface but the levels aren't the same as the actual game - they're like a simple mock up of the real levels and a lot of the mechanics don't work.

      • 7ape

        mental the lengths they'll go to. Why though when apple will just refund everyone?

    • Craig Grannell

      Get a refund.

      • 7ape

        yeah this, everyone should make sure they don't get a penny

      • https://www.behance.net/rgdesignhouse Ron

        if you go to report a problem, every option says its not eligible for a refund...trying apple support next

      • 7ape

        I submitted on the Apple report a problem page

      • https://www.behance.net/rgdesignhouse Ron

        Got a refund after a customer support live chat.

  • hellscaretaker

    But according to developer on twitter this is actually fake version it’s not been officially released on iOS. Someone gone to great lengths to even fake the website.

  • Funem

    The website links to a different domain but clever fake all the same. It looks like the port that a fan had created for Android that someone picked up and released for iOS

    • Rohit Bhatia

      Good one :pppp

  • MikeAK

    BOOOOOO!!! Was SOOO excited!! Really wanted this to be real 🙁 any news about a legit release on IOS?

    • Mr. Food Genius

      get a life, loser

  • curtneedsaride

    Wouldn’t advance beyond the first cinematic page turn. Just sat on that page with cup head holding a bug net. So, came back to find it is a scam. Already requested refund. Pretty bummed. Thought I’d finally get to play it.

  • Milotorou

    The lengths some people are willing to go in order to fraud honest-paying people.

    Its seriously saddening, to say the least.

    • 7ape

      and a weird choice too... Something to directly punish indie gamers and the sort of premium title evangelists like a lot of people on here. For more money couldn't they have scammed PUBG or something?

  • Christian

    Get a refund.

  • Deckard74

    Maybe there should be more caution exercised when reporting these developments too, I mean there was no mention of the developers releasing it on IOS before, we all make mistakes from time to time though, still love ya TA 🙂

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      The weird thing is, that exact thing is totally normal on the App Store and happens almost every week.

      • Deckard74

        I wasn't aware of that until I read your other article so I understand more why you guys went ahead and reported it, two sides to every story as they say. It was certainly a clever ruse.

  • Mr. Food Genius

    lol. 99% of every app store is a scam

  • Raphael Alexander

    Hope this encourages the real game Dev to port it.