UPDATE: Do Not Download. The ‘Cuphead’ iOS Release is a Scam

Update: The iOS release of Cuphead that we posted about earlier this morning turned out to be the most sophisticated scam app we’ve seen yet. It’s fully functional, which sets a new bar for the sort of scams we’ve come to see on the App Store. For more information, take a look at our updated story on what happened. If you haven’t yet, follow this guide to get a refund.

Links have been removed. Original story is below:

The fantastic Cuphead from Studio MDHR just had a surprise launch on the App Store. If you thought last week wasn’t enough, it looks like the App Store is showing no signs of slowing down with fantastic indie releases and ports. We already had FEZ, Life is Strange, and Gorogoa release last week This week begins with the lovely Cuphead that launched on PC and Xbox One platforms head to iOS. Watch the launch trailer below:

Cuphead is a game that has seen multiple showcases at Microsoft conferences. The art has always appealed to me and they nailed the music to go with the old school cartoon visuals. It was a joy to play on Xbox One and I’m already downloading it on iOS. Cuphead begins another week of hopefully big surprises on the App Store. I’m a big fan of the music and how they’ve been showcasing the recording of the music. Watch a performance below:

Cuphead is available on Xbox One and PC platforms in addition to the newly launched iOS version. You can buy it right now on the App Store for just $4.99.