While originally released in Japan only on the Xbox 360, Steins;Gate [$24.99 / $24.99 (HD)] was ported to almost everything soon after. English speaking fans have had to wait a long time for an officially localized release. September last year saw English iOS fans finally get a chance to play the fantastic visual novel and it has been discounted today once again. Shaun reviewed it and you can read his review here. The only real downside to the English localization on iOS was that the iPad and iPhone versions needed to be bought separately and there is no universal release for it. The discounted price right now can help with that if you did want to get it for both iPad and iPhone. Watch the trailer for Steins;Gate [$24.99 / $24.99 (HD)] below:

Steins;Gate has a fantastic story with great characters and some brilliant art. It packs a ton of content spread across multiple endings and it is available discounted on the best platform for visual novels right now. The original price is $24.99 for iPhone and $24.99 for iPad. You can grab them both for $11.99 each now. This sale is on until January 14th, 2018 so you have enough time. Given the plethora of fantastic games hitting iOS right now like Life is Strange and FEZ, a big discount on one of the best visual novels is icing on the cake. Check out the forum thread for Steins;Gate here.

  • Milotorou

    Such a great game, cant recommend it enough to those who enjoy reading.

    My second favorite visual novel ive ever had, and I read a lot !

    • darkfyra

      What is your first?Also do you have any non hentai visual novels to suggest(no porn).I love reading too,reading the last Witcher books as of now(it was a book series before).

      • pouffie

        There were many visual novels on the appstore a few years back but they all got removed. A very good one was kira kira. Authentic experience with japanese voiced dialogs. There are a couple good visual novels I can think of but the main character is a female who is dating guys, not my cup of tea...

      • darkfyra

        Shame they got removed,many think all visual novels is porn

      • Milotorou

        My favorite (does have H scenes though) is Fate/Stay Night.

        Else I suggest the Ace Attorney Series, the Zero Escape Series, Danganronpa 1 and 2, Hotel Dusk, Clannad, Tsukihime, Planetarian, Ghost Trick

      • darkfyra

        Can you give me infos on what those VN are about(except Ace Attorney,it’s well known)

      • Milotorou

        The zero escape series is a VN/Puzzle game that starts off with 9 people stuck in a "SAW-like" deathgame, its a mix of suspense and thriller with a bit of horror mixed it, the first two of the trilogy are amongst the best in the genre. note that only a remake of the 1st is available on iOS (my suggestions werent really iOS specific)

        Fate/Stay Night is also well known in the genre with anime fans, the scenario revolves around 7 mages that summon 7 historical entities and participate in a battle royale they call The Holy Grail War.

        Danganronpa is another suspense/thriller with a slight horror setting, this time though it happens in a high school where students are forced to kill each other under some "game" that takes place.

        Hotel Dusk sounds somewhat boring at first : Youre a salesman that stops to sleep for one night at the hotel, when you get there you start unveiling mysteries about your own past and the past of people staying at the hotel on that night, its some kind of "detective thriller".

        Planetarian is the story of a soldier in a post-apocalyptic world, hes left all alone with some kind of robot designed to look like a girl, he tries to build some kind of machinery to communicate with other planets, i wont spoil it more.

  • darkfyra

    Thinking of buying it either on Steam or IOS,what would be better