Back at PAX West, we got a quick look at Timber West [Free] which was one of the many micro-games the guys at Digital Melody had up their sleeve at the event. Timberman [Free] was incredibly popular when it was released, featuring the exact kind of quick, simple, and weirdly difficult gameplay that seems to do so well on the App Store. They've since continued to capitalize on the "Timber" brand with Timberman Golden Edition [$0.99], Timber Tennis [Free], and now Timber West.

Timber West follows the same simple one-finger gameplay, but with guns. It's one of those games that you pick up and your first impression of the way they implemented the aiming is, "This is kind of weird, wait, it actually works really well." Basically, enemies will appear on screen and you hold your finger on the screen to aim your crosshair vertically, then slightly move your finger to the right or left to move the crosshair in that direction. It sounds awkward, but I promise you'll totally get it inside of a few seconds of playing. Here is us fiddling with the game at PAX:

Sure, by now you probably have a zillion different one-button ad-based micro-games like this in a folder on your iPhone, but I've always got room for another one- Particularly when it does something interesting with how you control the game.