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‘Timber West’ is a Shooting Gallery-Style Spinoff of ‘Timberman’ that We Played at PAX West

Digital Melody is probably most well-known for their ultra-popular Timberman, and along with Timber Tennis they’ve tried expanding the brand into new game genres. One of the new Timber games is one called Timber West which we were able to check out here at PAX West this weekend. It’s a shooting gallery style game that’s a bit tricky to explain. Basically, enemies pop up in various places and you can touch anywhere on the screen to generate an aiming reticule, which will slowly rise up from the position you touch. Once the reticule is over an enemy you lift off the screen to fire. Check out the video of Timber West to see what I mean.

While tricky to describe, the concept works quite well in practice. After just a few moments of playing things started to really click and I was surprised with just how quickly I could take out some bad guys in succession. It’s fun and satisfying, but also gets quite challenging once more and more enemies started appearing on screen. It seems like it’ll be yet another great arcade experience from Digital Melody so we’ll keep tabs on Timber West’s progress and bring you more on it in the future.