It's been a long journey, but as promised back in October the latest chapter to the stylish puzzle adventure Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise [$4.99] has just landed in the App Store. Originally launched way back in October of 2015, Agent A is an escape room-style point-and-click adventure that has you playing as the titular Agent A as you try to apprehend the enemy spy known as Ruby La Rouge. The game has an awesome '60s-era spy style and plenty of clever puzzles to solve, and we enjoyed it a lot in our original review. About the only thing we didn't like was how abruptly it all ended, but developer Yak & Co rectified that issue by releasing a new chapter entitled Chapter 3: Ruby's Trap in December of last year, and then retroactively splitting the original release into two separate chapters to fit their episodic structure better. That paved the way for today's release of Chapter 4 which is entitled A Narrow Escape.

Probably the biggest feature in this latest chapter is the addition of new outdoor environments to explore in and around Ruby's not-so-secret island hideout. There are ten new enviroments to explore in all which include the outdoor areas as well as Ruby's "Bond-esque underground hideout" and "a gadget laboratory where Ruby builds her crazy traps and inventions." This chapter also pushes the storyline forward and sets the scene for the eventual fifth and final chapter The Final Blow which is tentatively scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2018. Best of all is that unlike most episodic adventure games these new chapters are all released as free updates to existing owners of the one-time purchase game. Agent A is a really fun game with a ton of personality, so if you haven't checked it out before I'd highly suggest doing so, whether here on iOS or on Android, and if you do already own it then get busy diving into the new Chapter 4 content now.

  • MikeAK

    Love the game!!! I’ve intentionally deleted it after I’ve beaten each content release just so I can redownload and play from the beginning all over again!! It’s interesting enough to keep me satisfied each time as I’m able to power through a bit quicker each subsequent play through. Love the game is look forward to getting started on this new chapter!! ( just finished the base game for a third time, bout to start episode 3)

  • Matt Curtis

    Wow. Being a super villain pays well. Also I who did Ruby get to build all of this without having to ...dispose of them afterwards?

  • neiliss

    This is such a great game. The devs have been true to their word since launch and provided new, exciting chapters for us to explore, well done devs. If you haven’t played this one it is really very good.

    • Sobriquet

      Agreed. This game is great. The devs have done an incredible job.