As promised earlier this week, Capcom has just released their latest mobile version of the classic puzzle battling game Puzzle Fighter [Free] to the App Store worldwide. Announced at the end of August, this rebooted entry in the series features completely redone 3D visuals and head-to-head online multiplayer in a package that's built specifically for mobile. While the actual art style of the new visuals is sure to be subjective, the 3D polygonal models should scale much better to the different resolutions of all the iOS and Android devices out there. Here's the latest Puzzle Fighter trailer.

We had a chance to go hands-on with Puzzle Fighter during PAX West back in September shortly after it was announced, and following a soft-launch in select countries we were able to give even more time to the game ahead of release. And based on our limited time with it, we've enjoyed Puzzle Fighter quite a bit. It's a free to play game but most the f2p stuff just revolves around character collecting and leveling up, with the core gameplay still built around skill and the strategy of utilizing each fighter's unique abilities. We'll have to see if that carries over into the worldwide release version, but at the very least this new Puzzle Fighter is worth giving a try for free, and if you do be sure to leave your thoughts about the game in the discussion thread in our forums.

  • Nico&Smokey

    This is a fun game it’s almost like Tetris and a way.

  • Vid Icarus

    Anybody know when the Jill Valentine pack will be made available?

  • NervJMSL

    So sad they made it into an entirely pvp experience, I've never been so stressed playing a puzzle game. They could've at least made it so there was some sort or story mode or missions (not objectives).

    • Brandon Smith

      I'm confused as to what you're asking for. Puzzle Fighter was always a "fight". That's sort of the whole point. How would you envision it without that? (legitimately asking)

      • NervJMSL

        I just don't like the fact they made it entirely PVP, the old game was fun with or without a friend over. I was expecting a Story mode or maybe a challenges ladder like on most puzzle games. Not just 3 missions per day. I like games like Game of Drones or similar. Guess I was expecting a bit too much from Capcom.

  • Jordan Cable

    Doesn’t seem to work for me. Downloads additional content and sticks at 100%. Using an iPhone 7 Plus.