Gumi Inc. announced at the end of August that they'd be bringing their ultra-popular Japanese strategy RPG For Whom The Alchemist Exists to the rest of the world under the name The Alchemist Code, and as promised the game is now available on both iOS and Android and will be available on the Amazon App Store tomorrow. Gumi describes the game as "A full-scale SRPG that features classic tactical elements, The Alchemist Code features easy-to-learn mechanics, a deep job and levelling system as well as gorgeously animated characters brought to life in the exciting world of Babel." Here's the launch trailer.

As I've said before, turn-based strategy games aren't really my thing, but I can't help but admire the level of quality on display in The Alchemist Code. Part of that is due to using some well-known names for things like character animation, music, and voice work. Being that the game has been downloaded millions of times over in Japan I'd imagine that means they're doing something right. The early impressions in our forums have also been quite positive, so if you enjoy strategy RPGs and are looking for something new, definitely give The Alchemist Code a try and post your own thoughts about the game in the discussion thread.

  • HelperMonkey

    Hey, Shaun... You awake yet?

  • Kenichi

    I played the jap version without understanding anything, then moved to the Sweedish server a few weeks ago. I always loved turn based tactics rpg, and I've been playing them for over 20 years, and I have to say, that so far, this is the best among the gendre. Phantom of the kill comes second close and Fire Emblem heroes third, but seriously, great rpg, with great story, and I really swear this needs an anime like Chain Chronicle had on its days. Maybe the collabs are the thing I didn't enjoy the most (except the Full Metal Alchemist, that one was madness). I always prefered new units with some background between other heroes, but hey, It's a gacha system game, I can understand a collab it's a good way to activate the ka-ching machine. Apart of that, smooth controls, really strategic thanks to the large pool of jobs , so , it's not like other games where you have warrior, mage, support, assasin and that's all folks, here you have several types of support (healer, medic, bishop, dancer, etc) several types of warriors, mages, assasins, marksman and even you have hybrid units both good in physic and magic damage. Oh , and you have a best tamer among others. Madness of customization which is what I enjoy the most in an rpg. There are obviuosly Tiers , and team comps that are better than others, but there's not a main team comp with op units that if you don't use them, you are doomed. Even the 3 star units that can grow up to 5 are sometimes even better than the 5 natural ones (despite a bit lower base stats), but nothing critical as we saw in other games (ehem, war of crown, ehem). I tend to be very critical with games, and speaking so good about this one it's a rare event, so, yeah, give it a try even if turn based tactics aren't your best. The story, the background, the feeling of true progression, feels great. If they sold this as a full game without the energy timer, and you just could go on mission and do events freely, (and obsiously you would have to grind for heroes instead of using gems on the ka-ching machine) I swear this would still be one of the best turn based srpg of the decade. 10x better than banner saga for example.

    • JASØN

      thanks for your mini review, i did the pre-launch summon stuff on the website and am stoked to start playing this weekend. FFT:TWotL is like my fave game ever, and this looks like an excellent FTP social game comparable to that

      • Kenichi

        Another good thing: They try to balance every patch. I have a 4 stars medicthat it's better (on stats) than a 5 natural stars professor (still proffesor has more skills). So having a 5 natural here, is 100% that is not even a big deal. And yeah FFT: TWotL It is probably the only one who can compare to this, but the feeling is difference since the economic models are totally different, where one goes buy to play and you can just spend dozens if not hundreds of hours exploring, grinding, optimizing your team, and here we have a free to play with in game purchases, where you have energy (another good point I didn't mention, until level 50 or so, you won't find ANY energy issues, and you can spend hours playing without running out of it). A possible drawback is that you are EXTREMELLY unlucky on your rolls, but I mean, on the other servers I tried to re-roll just for fun about 5 o 6 times, and grind the 3-step heroes (which gives you 30 heroes/shards if you already have the hero), and always got at least four or fives units, appart from the main heroes, that really shine, but as I said, you have to be extremelly unlucky with the rolls, they are kinda generous (probably because even a 3 star can be better than a 5 star sometimes). If you like FFT, this is a must on your mobile phone :). I really swear that at least Chapter 1 is epic.

        Oh and they have famous seiyuus for the voices, another good point for them 🙂